I believe that cinema offers the ultimate art form: the culmination of temporal story, visual beauty, musical velocity. My goal is always to portray my vision of beauty -- to entertain, enlighten, collaborate, and to destroy.

Cine_Cam-Op 2.jpg

    Crown of Gamma is a feature-length film that I wrote and directed in 2015 (Pittsburgh, USA).

    Concerning my adoration for mythology, formalism, and cult behavior -- this film follows Romulus and Remus as they open a timeless VHS tape to reveal their maker. They devour him and become him: The Instructor.

    I made this music video for the band Saajtak (Detroit, USA). My goal was to deconstruct the primary wavelengths from video and reconstruct them into a black hole. 

    Co-Directed with Sofia Caetano, we made this music video for our track "Rib-Cage Heaven." Shot on my VHS camera -- super boutique (Boston, USA).

    I love shooting bands. Here I got to visit with electronic/ambient duo PMDS (Lisbon, Portugal).